Sunday, 1 March 2009

UK Mini Catalogue.........MMM!

Last Thursday I received my copy of UK's Very First Stampin Up! MINI CATALOGUE.

Oh My Gosh! Its fantastic.....

My Poor Craft Buddies had to put up with me going on and on about it. I even took it to bed and worked out all my classes until the Summer Holidays!! Have I got lots planned for you lovely ladies.

Email Me to get your Name down for a Copy of the NEW Mini Catalogue.

If that wasn't enough I was explaining to my friends Sharon and Mary about my Craft Room being too small. I had an idea about setting the cupboards in the wall and pinching some of my hubbies Garage space.

Then Sharon said Why don't you take away my desk and turn it around.........Well that was it - All I could think about. I will let you into a secret - My Craft Buddies (except Mary) are constantly changing our rooms around.

All my Cupboards were balanced on my actual desk. I just couldn't think about moving all of the cupboards, then I woke up at 3am on Friday with a sore throat. I did 4 hours of paperwork that I needed to get done Friday.....Great I thought.

You know I dismantled my room in record time, went down to B&Q and got some new flooring. I was busy sawing it into the correct sizes when My Lovely Mum turned up and shouted to me over the Gate. WHAT ARE YOU UP TO NOW SHE SAID......

Well my Mum couldn't have turned up at a better time, We got the floor down. She made me put butter on the Saw and that did the trick as the floor was so thick to cut. We got all the cupboards into their new space and then I put in the new desk.

Hey!!!! I can now seat 8 people and little old Me!

I won't be changing my room again!!! Janette..........Promise.

Thanks for listening to me!



katie squirrel x said...

gosh you have been really busy by the sounds of it - would love to see piccies ofyour new space. Good to keep moving stuff around and getting other crafters opinions too as quite often you get a solution you hadnt thought of and great storage/space at the end of it.

AuroraDawn said...

We need to see pictures, its good to keep moving your supplies - it reminds you of what you actually have ;0)

Janette said...

Hi Jenny,

Cant wait to see it !!
I hope my room is finally finished too...I just need some time off work to create in it LOL....
Hope I didnt pass my bugs to you ??
I still have mine 3 weeks later !!

Stamps and Paper said...

Really looking forward to seeing it...are you going to give us some little clues on whats new???