Monday, 22 March 2010

3D Carousel Note Card....Tutorial

My lovely friend Janette made me one of these 3D cards for my birthday. I thought I would make one from the Carousel note cards, with the flight of the butterfly stamp set.
It folds up flat into a triangle.

And you tie it open with some ribbon.
This is the section where you could write your greeting.....
Let's get Started then,
You need 4 of the carousel note cards (or you could use 4 6" circles if you have a circle cutter or trace around a small dinner plate!)
After the following cuts you will end up with the carousel notes looking like this.

First carousel note.
Score the note in half and then turn it and score in half again, so you have a cross going through the centre. Now think of the carousel note as a clock face, Score up to the middle between 6 & 9 o'clock! At 3 o'clock cut out the score line to the centre point.
Use a 1/4" square punch to punch a hole in the top right hand section (probably 2.30 o'clock!!)
I line up the edge of the punch upside down with the edge that I had cut.

Turn it over and add double sided tape as shown. In the top two sections only.
Add a tiny piece of tape the other side of the square hole, this is going to hold the ribbon.

Now go onto the second carousel note. Do the same score lines as the previous one but this time cut away the 3 to 6 o'clock section as shown, by cutting up the first scallop, and then into the middle and then cutting off the section completely. Add tape to the tab that is left.

Do the same to the third carousel note.

The fourth carousel note is the same as the first one but this time score to the centre at 3 to 6o'clock section NOT the 6 to 9. Do the same with the square punch, This will give you a mirror image of the first carousel note.

Turn over and add the double sided tape as shown, only on one section. Plus the tiny piece for the ribbon to stick to .

You can stamp on the sections now before you put them all together......

Right then, Are you still with me???? hee hee
Go back to the first carousel not and thread a piece of ribbon about 8" or 20cm long from the inside of the punched square to where the tiny piece of tape is.
Then take the rest of the tape off and fold up. This is your first triangle.

You can see the ribbon is now sandwiched between the layers. Also the folded up section.

Again you can see it better here. I've numbered them for you to see.

Fold up the second carousel note using the tab on the outside. Add to the first again like a sandwich.

You can see the 3D part coming together now.

Do the same with the third carousel note.

Do the same with the ribbon to the fourth carousel note and add it last.

Your card will look like this, Can you see all the sections.

It folds flat but depending on the layers. You can tie it closed with the ribbon.

When you open it out it looks like this. When putting the sentiments on, only add double sided tape to the left of the scallop oval punch outs or you won't be able to fold up the card.

Have a try! It really is easy once you have a go.
Thanks for looking,


Judith said...

Oooooooooohhh!!! I love that Jenny. I will have to try that for sure. TFS x

Elaine Harding said...

Thanks for the wonderful demo at Training and for putting this on your blog so quickly! Truly inspirational! TFS xx

Sarah-Jane said...

Fantastic Jenny, I loved it!
Here is my effort
Thank-You, hugs S.J. xxx

swati said...

fantastic really awesum
love it a lot

Anonymous said...

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