Friday, 23 July 2010

New Craft Room!

Hello Everyone!

Sorry its been ages since I have updated my little old blog but lots have been happening!

Cutting a long story short, I have been having my Craft Room extended, so all my lovely Stamps are under covers at the moment. Once me and the Girls convinced my poor hubbie that his beloved scooter needed a new home, its been all go.

One minute my room was nice and tidy, then the next minute Janette (Mrs Motivator to her friends!) and I got the hammers out and knocked down the dividing wall!!!! It was great fun but it was the hottest day to do it and we were both covered from head to toe in plaster. She only popped in for a coffee!!!! hee hee Thanks Janette.

As always its not just the one job that needed to be done, the new home for the Scooter had to be found and then new slabs had to be laid. Poor thing has never been wet before and now its been covered in concrete dust etc! It's getting done though and the plasterer is in there at the moment doing the walls and ceiling for me.

So from September, I will have a few extra places available each week. I am also doing a couple of extra classes each month, so if you fancy coming along email me and I will let you know when there is space. See the list on the left.

I am a bit behind with all that's been going on, but I hope to get the classes that we have done over the last few weeks, done so check back over the weekend.

Thanks for looking,


Janette said...

It was fun doing then this new business "Craft rooms are us" !!... when shall we start...hee hee.....
Cant wait until we can get back in there doing all the fun things you have planned for us....

Mrs Motivator ( now if only I could have the body to go with the title LOL )

Aquarius said...

Looks like hard work but I'm sure it is worth it for the extra space to craft and have classes

Dawn said...

YOu will be glad when it is all over Jenny.
I love your husbands scooter is it a Vespa or Lambretta?
Very cool anyway.

Stamping Moments said...

It's a vespa!