Sunday, 27 February 2011

On Board Journal Tutorial.....

I have always enjoyed giving notebooks as gifts to Friends and Family. Who doesn't like to make lists etc?

When I am stamping, I tend to do little drawings before making anything, so I decided to make a New Notebook for me... I thought I would show you quickly how to cover one of the On Board Journals. I am using the Art Journal on page 87.

In the previous post, I used the 5" x 5". The larger Journals are the same as the ones I covered for my downline at Convention.
You will need two sheets of 12" x 12" paper. I am using Love Notes designer paper to cover this one. I always cover the back and the front of the journals.
You will need two pieces 23.5cm x 16cm for the outside Front and Back layers.
Also two pieces 20.5cm x 14.3cm for the inside Front and Back layers.
The New Spiral punch works perfectly for making the holes to cover the binding..
First lay the front cover over the front cover and mark the centre of the first binding ring and the last binding ring with a pencil.

Use the Spiral punch upside down and line it over one of the pencil marks. Punch!
To join up the Spiral punch you will need to line up the punch over the last hole and then punch again.
You need to punch 4 times until you are near the end of the layer. For the last punch you only need to make two more holes, so line up the punch as shown below, going over two holes instead of just the last one.
Lay the cover over the Binder rings and push the paper through them as shown below.

Open up the journal.

Cut away the corners as shown. On the top and bottom ones, cut up to the journal edge going slightly over the edge. So that when you pull up the paper you won't have a bare corner. On the side one, cut the paper at a slight angle.

Add a strip of double sided sticky strip to the three sections and then starting with the top edge, pull it over the journal and push down. Rub the edge to get a nice crisp edge. Then do the bottom, keeping an eye on the spiral side, making sure the paper hasn't slipped.
Then do the last edge. The outer edges shown now be covered.

To cover the inside, Take a piece of paper (which is the left over pieces from the front layers of the 12 x 12), 20.5cm x 14.3cm.
Place the layer up to the spiral edge, make sure you have it in the centre, look at the top and bottom edge. Mark the centre of the binder rings again top and bottom ones.
Use the spiral punch again to make the holes, exactly the same way for the front of the journal.
Add double sided tape on the three sides but not the spiral side. I do this so its not too tight when you open and close the covers.
Take the covers of the tape and gently push the holes over the binder rings. Line up the layer holding it high before pushing it down, As the Sticky strip is NOT forgiving! But it will be stuck perfect once its in place.
Now do the same for the back of the Journal.
Now decorate the Journal as you wish.
I added a strip of Basic Black textured and some more of the Love Notes. The Black layer was 20cm x 7cm and the paper was 19.5cm x 5cm.
Add tape or tombow to the back of them and stick to the front of the cover.
I added some rhinestones and used the Broadsheet alphabet to do the word NOTES in Black Stazon on Very Vanilla. I did cut them out but you could use the 1 3/8" circle punch.
The sentiment in the wide oval is from the Notably Ornate stamp set, punched out using the wide oval punch. Add a Riding Hood Red scallop circle behind.
This is the finished Note Book. Ready for Work Tomorrow!!!

I sometimes do pockets on the inside but not on this one.
Hope you enjoyed this Tutorial.
I will be back tomorrow with my Notably Ornate Stamp Class which we will be making on Tuesday.
Thanks for Looking,


AuroraDawn said...

Beautiful notebook Jenny - thank you so much for the tutorial!

Mary said...

Wow, I feel I MIGHT be able to make one of these. Not for me as I have a beauty that I received from Jenny herself as a gift, but for my Daughter and Granddaughters when I visit them in Canada this year (I hope) A Fabulous Tutorial Jenny, thank you so much.

Charlene H. said...

Thanks for the instructions. I have always wanted to make one but wasn't sure how to get the DSP right to the edge. Now I know. Great tutorial!

Val said...

thanks Jenny, that notebook is gorgeous. xxx

Dawn said...

This looks wonderful Jen. Love those papers yummy

Love Dawn xx

missy said...

This is gorgeous and would love to have one of these! I'm gonna have to try this! If you ever want to make one to give away we can always pretend I am family LOL! Thanks for sharing an awesome creation! Love your blog and all of your awesome creations!

Penny Hanuszak said...

Jenny thanks so much for this lovely tutorial. I sometimes forget about my spiral punch. This is great incentive for one of my classes this spring. Appreciated!

Susanne said...

Hallo Jenny,
thank you so much for this gerat tutorial! Your book is so beautiful.

We saw us in Frankfurt - my swap was the owl card - do you remember me?
Loyely greetings