Wednesday, 8 September 2010

Craft Room Finished Photo's.....

Morning All,

I took these photo's yesterday before Class started. Can you see Sid? He follows me everywhere! Although not this morning he's sulking as his morning walk was WET! My hubbie's Scooter is getting WET as well! We are waiting for our Shed to arrive, This will be his new home - NOT my hubbie's - The Scooter! I just hope my measurements are correct and all the bits from the Garage will fit in their new home! OR I will be in Trouble:-)

All our Vegetables are over in our Garden now, so I have filled the tubs up with some flowers and Lavendar. My hubbie made a new step for us under the door.
As you open this door, This is the view.
On the right hand side I put up some shelves, to hold my 3D Projects.
At the other end of the room, This is Sid's Bed! Although he only sat in it once yesterday, too many lovely ladies feet and legs PLUS BAGS to lick!

This is the view from the other end, in front of all my shelves.

I put up a couple of shelves near my Library as well for 3D Projects.

Hope you have enjoyed looking at my Craft Room/Garage!
Thanks for looking,


Aquarius said...

Looks good - a much better use for a garage than putting the car in!!!

Val W

Anonymous said...

Gosh I envy you, how fabulous is that, you lucky thing. It looks so very neat and tidy too. Sara B

Moira said...

looks so tidy Jen!!!!!!!!!!!! You should see my space, exact opposite to this photo!

Mary said...

It was fun in 'our' new classroom. A lot more space and room for more crafters. It's always lovely and tidy, not like mine. Got a peek at one of the 'new' colours - Marina Mist - Wow this is going to be my favorite colour of all time. Looking forward to next week.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing the pics of your craft space. I love looking at how other people arrange their things. I'm getting a new space as we are in the process of reno's at the moment. I to will have a long narrow space yours seems to be. So nice, neat and tidy love it.