Tuesday, 31 August 2010

Back from Germany...........

Last Chance List Here........
Hello Everyone......

We have just got back from our Summer Holiday. We went to the Eifel Region of Germany. Wow! We loved it. What a lovely countryside. The scenery was amazing and the such wonderful people. We went to the Mosel Valley most of the time. One of the places we visited was called Cochem. We went on a chair lift up the side of the Mountain, so to speak. The first chair was a wooden seat, I was holding onto my son - not really to hold him in his seat, but so I wouldn't fall out!!!! hee hee OH! MUM! He kept saying......My other son was laughing.

Well he wasn't laughing on the way down! He was in the little wooden seat and We were in the other seat that had a Hood! Good Times......

We saved hard last year to have a longer holiday and it was so worth it.....We all really needed the break. Sid now has 4 stamps in his passport! Bless him, he was as good as gold again. We did leave him a couple of times but most of the time he joined us with everything we did. He saw alot of other dogs to say Hello to as well!

Well, Washing all done, on the line! Ironing tomorrow :-( at least I had an empty basket for a few weeks!

Back to Work now......

My Stamp Classes start again next Week. I have MISSED all my ladies so much. My boys aren't back to school until Monday......Lots to do.

The first class is A Flower for all Seasons..... or A Tree for all Seasons its up to you. Its a lovely relaxing class, fall off colouring in! Who doesn't like a bit of colouring in........?

The class is for 4 square cards and a Gift Folder, which opens up like a book.

These are the Flower for all Season Set.

These are the Tree for all Seasons set.

You can do the Stamp Class as well, if you want......The instructions are on the right. Both Centimetres and Inches as usual are included in the class.

Thank you to everyone who purchased my classes while I was away. The normal turn around is back to 24hrs from now. Please do email me if they don't turn up within the 24hrs though, Emails do go missing, so just drop me a line and I will get straight on to it for you.

I thought I would show you a few Holiday snaps. We went to Burg Eltz. Cor! it was amazing. It was a Castle which was a home to three different families. Only one family owns it now and they live in Frankfurt. The walk down and back up again was very hard going, but so worth it. The only way to look around the Castle was by a guided tour. We felt so lucky as our Tour spoke perfect english and he really brought the Castle to live. We sure do Love our Castles.....

What an entrance! My eldest kept taking a rest on the wall, my heart was in my mouth each time as the drop the other side was huge! It was another OH! MUM! moment.........I'll give him OH! Mum! Get off that wall - Little Monkey. They were doing some repairs, thats why the crane was there.

What a garden! The trees were beautiful in the Mosel Valley. It really felt like Vermont.

This is the Courtyard of the Castle. It must have been a really interesting time, three families living under one roof. They all had there own sections, kitchens etc but even so, it must have been interesting.

This is my Eldest - Little Monkey sitting on that wall! Butter wouldn't melt in his mouth look!

This is my Youngest! Dressed for Winter! Boys.......Bless them. He couldn't wait to get in the door when we got home. He has been waiting for his Exam results. He is now the proud owner of a GCSE - A Star in ICT. He's only just 14. He really does put the work in and he really deserves it. So Proud:-)

You can see he realises the drop on the other side of the wall! Hence the Pose.

Oh! Well Better go and find my bed........Beds on holiday were so soft, so looking forward to my bed tonight.

Check back later, I hope to have the Retired List for you Tomorrow Morning.

So Exciting......

Thanks for looking,



Aquarius said...

Welcome back - pleased you had a good holiday. I will be studying the sale list!!

Need More Time to Craft said...

Ohh Jenny...loved looking at your photo's. Brought back memories of a wonderful holiday we had in that area. We stayed in a wonderful hotel in Cochem and also visted Burg Eltz. So pleased you all had a great time.
Carole x