Monday, 15 October 2007

Instructions for Secret Glue Stick Holder.....

First cut a piece of cardstock 17cm x 8.5cm, I used white.

Score down the centre and fold in half.

Make 2 straight cuts with a craft knife, 2cm down from the top and 2cm up from the bottom centre fold. Then measure 4cm at both points and cut the two lines.

Now score down the centre of the 2 lines to join then up and then when you fold the card as usual the centre piece will fold stick out and fold flat.

This photo shows you what it like when you have folded the card.

This is the insert for the card, that holds the glue stick or what ever you choose to insert there!

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Mary said...

Thank you so much Jenny. You still come up with items of real interest to put on your blog. Seems simple enough - lets do it ..... tomorrow (I'm getting ready for tonights Dorset Stampers Shoe box item) and won't have time when I get home at 10.30pm. Will pop to Asda tomorrow for the glue sticks then away we will go.

Mary xx