Saturday, 25 October 2014

Star Box Tutorial and Many Merry Stars Simply Created Kit....

Oh My Goodness! The photo of the Many Merry Stars Kit does NOT do it justice.

There are 26 star boxes to make in this kit for just £23.95 with tons of other pieces to decorate them with.

LOVE the wooden snowflakes, there's gold glitter ones as well as pre-cut words.

I made these in just a couple of hours yesterday morning, just a few while catching up on Downton Abbey and Strictly!!!

I made a few for Home Decor and made a few boxes with lids.

One piece of Christmas already sorted!!!

The middle box, I cut an aperture in both sides so you can see all the way through it.

The stars are in the kit as well, as gold bakers twine, sequins.  The tiny bows are in the kit as well, the only thing I added was the wreath and the cherry cobbler sheer linen ribbon.

I've still got half the kit left.

This one I cut an aperture in just the front.

These two I cut the box in half to make the lid and base.  So simple!  

I lined the inside of the box as well.

Turn these stars into boxes, using just whats in the kit.

The sides of the stars come with all the double sided tape on them and they are all pre scored how wonderful, thanks SU!

Decide on the star you wish to make and then find the matching side panel.

Use your Stampin' Up! Trimmer and cut it in half as shown below.

Keep one for the top of the star box and one for the base.

Fold along the score lines as shown concertina style.

Join the ends together make two pieces as below.

I found it was easier to make up the star sides first before add them to the top star.
I used the double sided tape and laid down the tabs lining up the sides.

ONLY do this to one side only at the moment.

Find the two matching stars.  These two are plain so you could stamp on them, I didn't as I was adding bits to the top of the box lid.

Add one star to the sides using the rest of the double sided tape already on the sides.

When you turn it over the lid looks like this.

Now place inside the lid the other half of the side without taken the double sided tape of the tabs.
This makes the base slightly smaller than the lid.

Now once you are happy with the shape, remove the tape covering and join up the points.

Add the second star shape to the tape to make the base.
Press down really well.

There you go! Now you have a lid and perfect base star box.

Decorate the top and tie some bakers twine around the box and tie a bow.

For larger star, I decided to line the box.  

I used the scrap the red star came out of on some of the Under the Tree Speciality paper as I already had some.  Draw around the star shape and cut out by hand.

Add to the inside of the box using the rest of the double sided tape which was on the inside.

This one I cut just one aperture.

You could use star framelits and a bigshot but if you don't own one (its a crime not owing a Bigshot!) you could just draw around a smaller star in the kit!

Cut it out using a craft knife or scissors.

Add it as the lid on a normal star base.

You can order this for just £23.95 via my ONLINE SHOP or Email me to order it for collection.

FREE Shipping for all orders over £45.

I hope you found this helpful,
Thanks for looking


Sharon said...

Brilliant idea to put the edging inside of the box and then affix the star piece!

Stamping Moments said...

Thank you sharon, it just makes all the difference. Hope it was helpful for you. Jenny

Marilyn said...

Thanks so much for sharing - I'm just assembling my kit tonight and so pleased I found your instructions for making star boxes!!