Monday, 2 June 2014

Project Life & The Garlic Farm

Hello Everyone,

We had a lovely day out over at the Isle of Wight on Saturday.  It was the Old Gaffers Festival in Yarmouth, so we went there and also managed to fit in a fantastic breakfast at the Garlic Farm, while stocking up on their gorgeous products.  I was lucky enough to take these photo's of the elephant garlic flowers.  Look at the wonderful Bee's.  Great for a Project Life page!

A small selection of Project Life will be available to customers from 10th June. Full range from the 1st July.

These flowers are huge and about 1/2 metre tall.  We have four elephant garlic growing at our allotment, but  the flowers haven't opened up yet.  Last year we only let one turn into a flower and we had a Bee that lived in the middle of the flower.

Don't forget all the wheels are going from the New Catalogue.  There will be lots of lovely borders still but no more wheels.

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