Monday, 29 July 2013

Salt Lake City Incentive Trip 2013

We will get back to crafting Promise!!!!
We stayed in the St Regis Hotel in Park City for the Incentive Trip.  It was very grand!

We had to wait for our rooms to be ready but they were absolutely gorgeous.  This is the shower!  It was a size of a Wet Room.

The mirror only had a TV in it!!!!!  There was a phone in the Toilet.  Goodness me.....

We had a Queen Size bed to ourselves.  Must admit it is lovely to be back at home with Hubbie though, far too much room for one person in a bed!

The wardrobe had lights in it!

This was a fire place for the winter.

This was our Balcony, complete with wonderful views.

This was one view from our room, sky slopes.  We watched mountain bike riders going up and down the mountain and we even saw a family of Deer.

We had the view of the fire pits below and swimming pool area.
I saw a hummingbird while I went swimming early one morning.
The Lobby was beautiful.  Huge fire places were lit.  Frank Manau came again on the Incentive Trip.

Frank Manau filled up with sweets from the Hospitality room!

We had to drink lots of water, even Frank!

We had a welcome basket on our beds.

Frank whipped the basket to sleep in!

Our first evening event was a Welcome Meal.  All the five countries had their own table.
Maria and I sat with Dawn and Fiona, Monica and Pete, Ellie and Julie.

The table decorations were beautiful.

At the end of the evening, the Moon rose above the Mountains, looking amazing.

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