Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Incentive Trip Continued with Day Trip to Kanab....

Hello Everyone,
Last Wednesday we got up at 3.30am to get ready to leave for our flight to St George and then a 2hr coach ride to Kanab, Stampin' Up! Manufacturing Facility.

We saw really lovely country side along the way.  We also made history for the largest ever plane landing in St George Airport.   We had a fun Bingo game during our coach ride, Poor Pam Morgan had a job on her hands, with us all having holiday brains on!
When we arrived the whole of the staff were there to greet us.  We were treated to a wonderful BBQ.
These were the place settings.

We went out to have photo's by the Stampin UP sign.  This is Maria.

Dawn Silver

  1.  Me

We were then taken around the factory in groups and saw all the processes it takes to bring us our lovely Stampin' UP! Products.  Wow!  Those men and women work hard shifts.
The rubber arrives in rolls.

Then cut up into manageable lengths.

 This man makes a metal template for the stamp sets, then makes a few copies in a different material which the rubber is then used to make the stamps set.

Then four sheets of rubber and four templates are heated and pressed for 6 minutes.
Out come the sheet of four stamp sets.
The sides need to be trimmed off.  We got to have a go!
This is the set ready for cooling.
This lady was so lovely, she let us have a go.  Poor Devil, probably still trying to catch up after all of us interrupting her.

 After cooling they were added to the foam backing.

Then they were put over a die cutter and die cut.

Then we got to box up the stamp sets, put the labels in the covers etc.

Then we were allowed to keep a stamp set!!!  Wow!  Thank you Stampin' Up!

This is Rich the Company President.  He is a great character and you could tell he really LOVES his job.

I got to fill some ink reinker bottles! 

We saw how they make our New Inkpads, this poor lady was covered in ink sometimes.

These two ladies were glueing in the foam to the inkpad covers.

Then they are sealed in plastic

All the cardstock are cut from huge sheets.  They cut them into 12 X 12, 8 1/2" x 11" or A4.  The man was so hot doing this job.

He even had huge boxes of scrap!  And I thought I had a lot of scrap cardstock!

It was a long day but really worth it.  The staff were amazing.
The next day we went shopping in Park City.
To catch the mini bus we had to have a ride down the hill in a funicular.
This is Fiona, Maria and Dawn.
We only managed to do half the Main Street.  We did loads of shopping!!!!  Very pretty place, lovely boutiques, gift shops and restaurants.  We had to be back by 5 though.

Dawn's shopping....She doesn't like shopping either!

Not a real one, but hey ho!

Gorgeous Buildings.

Thanks for looking,


Aquarius said...

Amazing photos - thanks

Jill said...

What a fantastic experience. Very jealous!

Anonymous said...

Leanne from Australia here! This looks amazing and how great it would be to go to our Mother Factory in UTAH. Maybe oneday I will get there.

Gibmiss said...

Hi Jenny
Looks like you had a fabulous time
Hugs Sylvie xx