Thursday, 14 July 2011

Look what I found trying to Stamp!

Just look what I just found trying to climb into my drawer of designer paper!

A Gorgeous Lizard! The photo doesn't really do him justice as he had a fantastic colour of Old Olive on his belly.

He didn't look happy that I caught him using my Stampin UP Ruler and an empty tub of Staples Pens! Or Maybe he didn't like Sid looking in the tub at him making funny noises....

He is now back on the Heath!


Aquarius said...

Poor little creature - I bet he was scared.

Maria said...

Ooooh he is lovely Jenny, I wouldn't mind him as a little visitor unlike the spider I had in my room this week which horrified me.

Viv said...

Feisty little guy isn't he! LOL
Give me newts and lizards any day! Spiders!!!! Noooo.