Wednesday, 13 April 2011

For Everything Stamp Class.....

Good Morning Everyone.....

I've been busy sorting out summer clothes for our holiday and Now the Sun has gone in!!!! Super Nice Ironing pile waiting for me today. It's my Youngest Son's Birthday today! Finally he is 15! He has always seemed much older than he really is, so much so we tried to see a 15 film as a family last year and totally forgot that only one of our two sons was infact 15 at the time! hee hee. Time flies by when they are young, we are so lucky that they still want to spend time with us (well mostly anyway!) So we are off to the Movies today. It was hubbie's birthday on Saturday, so we saved up to go out just the once to celebrate both birthdays.

This is my For Everything Stamp Class. It's actually quite a large stamp set with 11 pieces in total. I decided to use the In Colours as my colour combination and some fun Diamond shaped cards, mixed in with three others.

This one is a double diamond card.

This one has a diamond middle and sometimes called a Spring Card.....

This one has a diamond Top to it, which is sort of hidden by the frame but I think you can just about see what I mean.
Hope you are all enjoying Half Term Holidays.......if you still have kiddies at school.

Thanks for looking,



clair said...


The friendship card is absolutely stunning... how did you fold that one? You are very clever....your cards are beautiful xxx

Viv said...

Perfect as usual!! Your cards are always SO clean and pretty and carefully thought out. I LOVE looking at them and wish I had a quarter of your creativity. (I think I say that every time I comment)!lol