Monday, 9 August 2010

Back from London......

We have just been to THE London this weekend. Our Sister in Law came with us this time. We parked near Tower Bridge and walked along the Southbank to Borough Market. It has been reduced in size for the time being as a new Rail line was being installed. The Borough Market is a food market and is under the Railway arches near London Bridge. The main ingredient I go there for is 'Noirmoutier' Sea Salt. They do quite a few different mixes. We went to Noirmoutier in France one year and found the Sea Salt, then we went to the Borough Market about 6 years ago and found it there!!!! Small World.
We decided to do the Globe Theatre Tour as well, which is just abit further along the Southbank. It was finished in 1997. It truly is an amazing place. They were showing a couple of plays that day but they were full. This is the stage...
It's an Oak Framed Building in a Circle with a Thatched Roof. You can sort of see where the people sit in the stalls. People also stay right near the stage as well. The people who stood in this area used to be called the Penny Stinkers because they used to pay only a penny and they used to stink! Buckets for LOO's!

We then decided to go to Kew Gardens. This is just one of their Green Houses! The trees were amazing at Kew. The heavens opened up half away round so we only managed to do a tiny section.
One of the Exhibitions Kew has running this Summer is Creepers and Crawlies. They had the most amazing array of Beautiful Butterflies. They were all busy feeding on the flowers.
They looked like they were looking at you from the corner of their eyes.
Look at the size of this one! It's not a Butterfly its actually an Atlas Moth! Still Beautiful though...
The flowers were all so danity.
My hubbie has pinched my Craft Room to work in! What a cheek hee hee Maybe I might be able to get back in there tomorrow!

Thanks for looking,


Aquarius said...

Thanks for sharing those lovely pictures of your visit to London. Make sure you reclaim your craft room before your OH gets to like it too much!!

Val W

Mary said...

Yes, get your Craft room back as soon as possible. I thought the idea was that he could use the other end and you use your end or wouldn't that work?
Lovely to see your pics as I get to see all the places I haven't been or ever likely to go to.
See you soon

christine said...

Thanks so much for sharing this nice week end in London... It reminds me so good times and makes me longing for a next trip to GB!! love. Chris from Bordeaux

Dawn said...

Lovely Photos Jenny

Dawn said...
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Anonymous said...

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