Monday, 21 June 2010

Monaco Incentive Trip - Part 2

Friday was a free day, we could do want we wanted all day. The weather was beautiful. Some of the Demonstrators caught a Train to a Market in Italy, Some stayed by the Pool but most visited the Monaco Old Village which they call the Rock.

We had breakfast on the Balcony in the Restaurant first. Then is the fresh Roll Trolley!

This is Monica's handbag on its very own stool.

I went out with Amanda, We walked the whole of the Formula 1 Race Track of Monaco which the concierge said it normally takes 1.54 minutes - Well we did it in 1.54 Hours hee hee

This is coming up to the hairpin, Gosh it is so tight!

I Just caught this car going around the hairpin.

Just before the Tunnel.

This is Princess Onassis Yacht.

Entrance to the Tunnel.
Inside. Not much room for error!

Me Outside in the sunshine again!

A beautiful apartment block.

So Many boats, No many Sunseeker ones though!
This one had a boat inside!

This is MIKE from Finding Nemo!

Near the Swimming Pool Area of the Track.

This is near the La Rascasse corner.

Markings for the Starting Line.

Quaint Church roundabout. Just before the hill.

Amanda and I having a Lemon Sorbet at the end of our Walk, where we met up with the Lovely German Demonstrators.

Back at the Hotel, Kellie from Stampin UP had unpacked her shipment and we were allowed to go in and have a go at Spinning the Wheel for prizes.

This is the wheel and Kellie.

After we changed as it was so warm, we caught the Open Top bus to the Monaco Rock! This is a view from the bus as we came up the hill.

These are the Princes Apartments - Very Nice!

A View from the rock, Just a Boat Park!

The colour of the sea was amazing.

Mike was everywhere!

Lemon Trees.

The Catherdal where Princess Grace is buried.

Back at the hotel, everyday they had this cake trolley for Afternoon Tea! The flowers were beautiful.
Friday Evening was a leaving Party. After getting ready, we all walked to the Hotel de Paris. Wow! I didn't think we would be going inside. We went up in a little lift to the top. All the walls had fabric on them, so beautiful. This is the view from one side of the building looking down on the Casino.

We were taken to the Winston Churchill Room for our Leaving Dinner.

A long way down!

This is the room. The flowers on the table were amazing.
We sat with Shelli and Sterling.

Just look how Gorgeous Julie looked, A film star.

Gosh! Monica looked amazing. She had some beautiful jewelery on that matched her Purple shoes - Just Stunning.....

Shelli and Monica together.

Our Pudding was a Meringue Cake, it was huge!

These three ladies, Irene, Silvia and Jacqueline, were just so funny. Such wonderful company. You must come to Convention to meet them.....

All the German Demonstrators together. It took ages to get this photo as they kept mucking around.

As we were just going out the door, I took a photo, Not sure if you were meant to but the ceiling was amazing it had 4 whole Turtle shells embedded in the decoration. The flowers in the centre were huge!
After our meal, we all headed over to the Casino. Inside the decorations were so gorgeous but no cameras were allowed. You could really step back in time inside and image what is was like with all the people dressed up years ago. Lots of money was spent inside, it did make me feel a bit sick as the chips were being betted like they were smarties and I just kept thinking how hard My hubbie and I work to earn our living. It was interesting to watch though!

When we finally got back to the Hotel it was 1.30am. Well three late nights on a trot, I was feeling very light headed all weekend and I still haven't caught up on my lost sleep.
When we got back to our Rooms we were treated to another Pillow Gift! This Black patent bag and its got fabulous lining.
I spent the next 2 hours trying to get everything into my suitcase. It weighed 23.5kgs on the way back.
Right off to get some padded envelopes for my downline gifts, I brought them all.
Check back tomorrow to see all the wonderful swaps I received, so much talent.
Edited to say:
I have finished the instructions for the Mini Flip Album which can be found on the right hand side of my blog.
You can make between 4 and 5 of them from one whole Scrappin Kit depending on the layers you choose to decorate the pages. Also in the instructions is an album using the Christmas Jingle Scrappin Kit.
Thanks for looking, Sorry for such a long post.


Dawn said...

Great photos Jenny, glad you enjoyed it.
Nice to see what you did the day we went to Italy.

Kylie-Jo said...

How exciting for you Jenny!! It looks like you had so much fun. What an amazing incentive trip.

Carol said...

Thanks so much for sharing all the photo's Jenny and i'm so pleased you all had such a wonderful time....what great encouragement for all us other demo's too :-D

Carol xxx

Tracey said...

Oh wow it looks as though you had a fantastic time. The photos are stunning. So pleased to read all about your trip.

Carola said...

Hi Jenny,
it was so nice to meet you in Monaco ! And thank you sooo much for the georgeous flip album !

Burnice said...

Sounds like you had an absolutely amazing time. How the other half live eh! Great pics and great memories.
Burnice x

Dawn said...

Oh how the other half live (he he) well done on winning this trip!

Love Dawn xx

juliejules said...

Awww Jenny, brilliant photos, lovely to see you again on the trip. Thank you for the lovely photo of me and your kind words!!! See you soon, Jules x