Sunday, 20 June 2010

Monaco Incentive Trip Part 1

Hello Everyone - I'm back home now from the Very First European Stampin' UP Incentive Trip.....

I had a wonderful time and we were all spoilt rotten. I took over 150 photo's, so this post is a very long one....So go and get a cuppa.

This is our Hotel from across the road in the park - Hotel Metropole. It was a fantastic Hotel. Through the Arch was a gorgeous long drive and which was lined with lots of fancy cars.

When we arrived in Nice, we were collected by a DRIVER and taken to the Hotel. We were met by Shelli Gardner and Paula Gorry, How lovely was that....

We had our photo's taken, this is Me (on the left), Natalie and Amanda sitting on the fountain outside the Reception Hall.

We checked into our Rooms....Which were so gorgeous. The bed was huge, especially on your own and no hubbie.

This is a view from my balcony! It was so quiet and peaceful. I had a horrid thought when I was out there, I was taking in the view and looked back at the door and realised there was no handle on the door on the outside, Cor! if the wind was blowing - I could have got stuck out there on the balcony!!
After we quickly unpacked, we meet back up with Paula (our UK Manager) and we went out for Lunch.
After that we had a wander to the centre where the Casino is. The park in front of the Casino had the most amazing trees in it. Inside the Casino was amazing.

While finding out way back from the SPAR shop, to buy cheap water! We met up with IRENE one of the German Demonstrators. Irene is a LOVELY, LOVELY lady and she always makes me laugh so much. See you again at Convention Irene!

The SPAR shop was in the Metropole Shopping Centre. It was full of designer shops, that sparkled and the smell everyway was so nice.

On the first evening we had a Welcome Dinner. The food was amazing. It was so nice, as there were only 23 Demonstrators and Stampin UP Staff, so we could all chat together.

This is the view of behind the Casino.

This is the front.
This is a beautiful side door...

We had a full organised day on Day Two. We got up and the weather was lovely. A few of us went outside near the swimming pool to have our Breakfast. I sat next to Jacqueline.
Jacqueline was last year's winner of the Stampin UP Heart Award, and you only have to be 2 minutes in her company and you know why she won the award. Such a lovely lady. I so enjoyed all the company of the other Demonstrators from the other two countries. They speak wonderful English, unfortunately I don't speak any German, but they always spoke perfect English with us. Lovely Ladies and I can't wait to see them again at Convention.
I am the nearest on the right and you can see the sun was in my eyes! Sitting across from me is Jeanette, who has done a brilliant stampin up video on the German Stampin Up Website.

We were taken out during the Day. We went to Eze Village, but first we went to a Perfume Factory and we were taught how to make perfume. We had an amazing teacher.
This is a photo of all the UK Demonstrators that achieved the Incentive Trip and the lady with the long black hair is Paula our UK Stampin Up Manager.

From the left is,
Monica, Amanda, Michelle, Me, Julie, Paula, Dawn and Natalie.

This is Michelle, Dave and Monica.
Dave is the European Manager who oversees all three countries.

This is Michelle. What a lovely lady. Thank you for your company Michelle, You always looked so lovely.

This is Me in the Perfume Classroom.

This is the Oils we used to make our Perfume.

This is Jenni Pauli. Gosh! This lady can make the most amazing cakes and projects. She is from Germany.

All busy making smells!

This is the lovely Julie.

This is Paula. Apparently you have to pose when you put perfume on! Not rub it in on your wrists like I did!

This is our Perfume. We were allowed to keep the aprons and we were given hand made labels for our Perfume Bottles, made by Kellie who organised the whole trip for us.
This is Shelli. Check out her photo's over on her Blog.
We were then taken to the Eze village, where we went to a Restaurant at the top.
Halfway up we stopped as it was very steep. Stirling, Shelli's husband put some Jasmin flowers in her hair for her.
Shelli is the most wonderful person. I loved how she and her husband looked after each other, although it made me miss my Hubbie so very much, as he looks after me like that as well, Bless him.

This is Dawn and Monica. They had the most amazing clothes, Gosh these two ladies knew how to dress so beautifully. Dawn had me in stitches most of the time, Thanks Dawn. xx

This is the view from our Restaurant. Well I have never been to a Restaurant with so many staff, they were lined up when we arrived like Royalty or something.

Each Course of the Menu was brought out with so much style. The plates were covered when they came out. Then each two guests had a waiter and on the nod of the head waiter all the covers were lifted up at the same time! Amazing.

At this meal, we all started to take photo's of the food. Gosh did we eat!
Our Starter had a flower on it that we all ate.

The main was fish.

Pudding was delicious.

Then we had coffee and this is just the sugar cubes!

We had these cakes with our coffee!

We all went around the quaint shops after lunch and then back to the hotel.
Paula decided we needed an Incentive Trip Mascot. Check back later in the week for the Photo's of the Mascot!

This is Amanda. I travelled with Amanda and she is a wonderful lady. She was a fantastic travel companion and I really enjoyed her company. She is a brilliant Teacher and the most amazing Demonstrator. Amanda is the very first Stampin Up Demonstrator that I met up with when I joined Stampin UP!

We went to the Cafe Du Paris for our Tea on Thursday night before the Stampin UP PJ Party. I had French Soup which is my favourite and it was delish!
We had a funny time at the PJ Party. We were treated to lots of wonderful treats and cakes.
Afterwards we went back to Amanda's room which is a huge bathroom.
This is Monica, Julie and Natalie, having a bath together! In their PJ's of course.

This is all of us sending the Demonstrator Support staff our Love! to Chris and Eileen.

When we got back to our rooms, we all found a Pillow Gift!
Oh My! A gorgeous bag, inside was a huge beach towel, flip flops and a lovely black Stampin UP Cardigan. Spoilt Rotten! Spoilt Rotten! I just didn't expect all this.....

Check back tomorrow for the next instalment of the Incentive Trip to Monaco.
Thanks for looking,
Jenny :-)xx


Val said...

oh my Jenny, it all looks so wonderful,glad to have you back though xxx

Janette said...

wow and triple you are glad you went now eh ??? You totally deserve to be spoilt rotten..... BUT how can you be so mean as to make us wait until tomorrow to see more LOL......
Janette x

simplyfairies said...

Looks gorgeous and thoughly deserved too!!

Irene said...

Jenny, thanks so much for your lovely words about me. It is great to hear that you like my humor.
We´ll meet again at Convention.
Bye Irene

Caroline G said...

Great to see the pics and read all about your fabulous adventure! Looks like you had a wonderful time and as the others have said, you thoroughly deserved it.
Caroline xxx

Dawn said...

Oh Jenny looks looks like my face has been blown up with a tyre pump can you not airbrush me:)

Glad I made you giggle, it is good to laugh.:)

See you at convention.

juliejules said...

Jenny, the photos are fab, I just wish I had have got to speak to you more than we did. Didnt have enough time to spend with everyone!!! Surprised to Consuela pop up on your blog too!!!!! Ha HA Jules xx

Sarah-Jane said...

Wow Jenny, it looks amazing, glad you had a great time
Hugs xx


My sweet Jenny it was so wonderful to see you and spend some time with you again,you are the most humble and wonderful person ever and your tears touched my heart at our last dinner. I have to say that I adored your cocktail outfit and your perfectly matched accessories you looked beautiful. Big hugs my lovely. Monica xxx

Amanda said...

Well the tears are falling again Jenny......thank you so much for your company, you too are a wonderful travelling companion, and a very special lady x

Anonymous said...

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