Tuesday, 22 June 2010

Adventures of Frank Manu.......Incentive Trip Mascot!

Please Meet the New Stampin' Up! Incentive Trip Mascot......

Frank Manu!

Paula decided that we all needed to have a Stampin' UP! Mascot to go on all the Incentive Trips and to Encourage Demonstrators to try to Achieve the next Trip....

Monica said We had to call the Mascot Frank after her Driver who looked like a Frank but in the Shop he was called Manu - So we call him Frank Manu....

Here he is having a rest on My Bed! We dressed him for the occasion with some Stampin' Up! Ribbon.
Here he is looking up where he could go to Dinner - Look at where he thinks he's going!

Shall I have a Bath?

Or Shower?

Oh Dear Frank - Shut the Door!

No I think I will have some Room Service - Are you paying the Bill then?

Frank crept into my bag on our Day around the Monaco Track,
Here he is inside the Tunnel - Yes we got some funny looks!

Is this how you are getting to the next Incentive Trip to Prague Frank?

ARH! Are you tired Frank?
He is now at my house for a while - Working hard at acheiving the next Incentive Trip.
Check back tomorrow to see all the wonderful Swaps.....
Thanks for looking,


Tracey said...

ha ha ha what a cute mascot.


Jane said...

Will Frank be joining us on Tuesday's from now on?!!

Dawn said...

Jenny Iam just giggling, what are you like.
I think you will be holding onto him for a while.

Amanda said...

That is so funny! He was a great companion !

Val said...

omg Jenny , what you like , love it all xxx

Michelle Last said...

Hilarious Jenny, I cant wait to see his next exploits!! Love Michelle

Jeanette said...

Fun. I have do something like this for a daughter and son with their favorite stuffed toy

syy said...

This reminds me very much of the tea advert with the monkey. When I left work I was sent some pictures and the group I worked with had taken
pictures of the monkey on his world-wide travels.

I think these are great pics.


Mary said...

What a greeeeat mascot. Yes, you will have to bring him to class with you and anywhere else you go for Stampin Up. Keep him out of the way of Sid though. So glad you had a good time on your trip, you certainly deserve it.
Luv Mary


Oh Jen how funny was this post? Frank looks like he had a whale of a time. I am rooting for you sweetheart to reach your next trip very soon. Hugs xx

Anonymous said...

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