Wednesday, 30 December 2009


Hello Everyone!

I hope you all had a good Christmas. We went away to Ledbury over Christmas and have just got back. We did indeed have a white Christmas. Although it wasn't thick snow, all the ground was white with either frost or snow. The view from our Log Cabin was fabulous. It was so icy that the country road leading to the Lodges was not drivable, so we were sort of snowed in!!!! Luckily we had done all our supply shopping on the day we arrived.

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This is the view from our Log Cabin, Woodside Lodges, Ledbury.

This was the view on Christmas Morning....

I must have feed every animal possible during our holiday. The bread on the veranda was for my favourite ROBIN!

Santa's Little Helper............My sister in Law came away with us and she brought Sid a Santa's Hat. He was not impressed!

We had Pheasants, Rabbits, tons of different birds and this little guy!
We feed them all well. The birds had the turkey fat with bread set in it, they LOVED it! Even the Cat that lived at the Lodges had some!!!!!
The Squirrel though, came back every day and nearly knocked at the window. He would come to the kitchen window and look in, Well I was feeding him honey nut cashews from M&S!!!!!
Hee Hee I bet they were either glad to see the back of us and all our food scraps, or they are all pestering the next guests that are in the lodges this week........:-)
Anyway Hope you all have a good day,
Thanks for looking,


Kathryn Mangelsdorf said...

Hi jen, I love your white Christmas photos here in South Australia - its hot only 41C tomorrow. Love your creations here and on UStamp with Dawn and Friends.

Terry Molineux said...

Jenny your pictures are gorgeous...I think it was a White Christmas all around. We had the snow about 5 days before but it was white for xmas! It's nice to get away and be with family. Hope you had an enjoyable time....and I second the first poster's comment love your creations on your blog and UStamp!!!!

Rosie said...

Hey Jenny, you were just down the road from me! It sounds like a very special Christmas - hope your log cabin was nice and cosy!

Lorraine said...

A perfect white Christmas in a log cabin wow. We had one day of snow then all gone. Love the photographs and Sid in his hat.

Mary said...

Wow Jenny, the outlook was fantastic wasn't it. I love Sid in his hat and No, I don't think he would possibly be all that keen. Looking forward to seeing you soon (and Sid)
Mary xx

juliejules said...

Aww loving little Sid in his santa hat. We love SId and are thinking of getting our own SId here!! What breed of dog is he Jenny?? I am not very good on dogs! Jules x