Thursday, 29 October 2009

Tree Trimmings Stamp Class

Sorry its been a week but we have been away to Cornwall for a short break as its half term here. We stayed near St Austell and Vegged out most of the time. I did sneak a couple of bags of craft bits to start doing some swaps for Convention NEXT WEEK!!!!!!!!!!

How did that come around so quickley. I need another couple of weeks not days!!!

I managed to do 10 swaps, then my 3 Boys (Hubbie and two sons) started moaning, so I had to pack away. To be honest I've had a cough since last week and it has worn me out as I seem to start as soon as I lay down to go to sleep! Hope its gone before next week.

I have had lots of emails for the next lot of classes and I hope to get the butterfly one done later as well, but this is next Tuesdays stamp class - Tree Trimmings.

We make lots of chutneys and jams etc as we have had a brilliant year on the allotment. My hubbies onions are holding up!!!! Hee Hee It was chucking it down with rain on my launch party day and I was telling the ladies that my hubbie will be worrying about his onions!!! Well they have been checked on at least a couple of times and they have all broken ground and doing well....... We had some beauties this year and pickled onions and chutneys were made. So I always give some to family for christmas as its Home made presents all round this year.

What better way to show someone that you have thought about them than to give them something you have made. The box in the stamp class fits a Jar of chutney or Jam perfectly. Its quick and simple to make as well......

The set we are making on Tuesday is Garden Green and Real Red, but lots of colours work for christmas.

In class we will be making an old favourite of mine with a twist, An upside down Z fold card with the baubles 3D.

This is a normal Z fold card, I have made quiet a few of these in my time blogging, so you will have to look at earlier posts for all of them......Love the Style of these and how they sit on the mantle piece...

A very quick and simple version, the baubles in the Tree Trimmings set match the Merry Moments papers.

This is the other set in the Stamp Class instructions.
Thanks for looking,


Kim said...

Hello from Cornwall....hope you enjoyed your break.
Well the wait was worth it....the cards are lovely as usual and two nice colour ways.
Hope the cough clears soon.

Milly Moo Cards said...

This is just all stunning. Thanks so much- off now to purchase the class. Of all of the tree trimming class sets I have seent his is by far the best with the nicest slection of ards and the most gorgeous of colour cominations. Your are so very clever Jenni
Love Terri XX

Lesley said...

I love the red and green! Alwayas my favourite at Christmas! Very pretty! Fab box!
Lesley x

Merry said...

Wow...these are just beautiful and I love the effects in both colour combinations.

Tasha said...

WOW Jenny all of your creations are sensationa. The quality inish, colours and layouts make them so stunning!
love your work
love tasha xx

Mary said...

It's lovely to have you back. Hope you and ALL your boys enjoyed your time away. I missed you and look forward to making these lovely cards next week in Class.
Mary xxx

simplyfairies said...

All Stunners for sure!!

I really must get my swaps done, not sure what to do yet!!, Ewwwww only a few days!