Sunday, 13 September 2009

Concertina Card & Gift Boxes Stamp Class.

I have been meaning to get more organised with my card supplies. I wanted to have a few cards and tags that all match but already made so I can just Grab & Go....

This is my Class on Tuesday, although we are only going to make the larger Concertina Box and a few tags. The instructions also include the Actual Small Concertina Box to hold the Tags and a Bonus Project, the Slider Card.

Must Dash as I am in the middle of cooking a shoulder of lamb, which I have never cooked before but the smell is out of this world! Smells like a cavery has been delivered to my house!!! I have been watching Economy Gastronomy Programme and they suggest making one Bedrock recipe and splitting it down into smaller meals. I have been doing this for 3 weeks now and this week I am doing a Shoulder of Lamb, which will be a Roast for 4, A Shepherds pie for 4 and Lamb Pasties for 8. It takes a while to make the other meals but its so nice to have 2 days meals completely prepared, MORE TIME TO CRAFT!!!!!!!! Hee Hee

If you fancy the instructions for yourself, Click on the Button on the right.

Thanks for looking,


DI HERBERT said...

I saw that as well but hubby insists that its dry outside we must have a barbie I am sure he is an Aussie really.

Mary said...

Sounds Fantastic. Lamb is my favorite meat so if you have any leftovers.........
By the way, can't wait for the next class
Mary xx

Maria said...

Hi Jenny

What a lovely set this is and the mini accordion wallet is so cute. I will definitely be making these.
Thanks for sharing

Chrissie said...

Wunderschöne Boxen hast du gemacht.

En liebe Gruess

LaToya said...

Very cute. A great class idea.

Gift Boxes and Bags said...

Nice gift boxes. I like this design very much.