Wednesday, 25 February 2009

Pocket Silhouettes.....

This is the inside of the box, It holds 8 of the Chocolates. I was going to wrap them in paper, but I have ran out of this paper!

Thanks for looking,


Janette said...

Hi jenny,

Would it be the CHIPBOARD LETTERS by any chance ???

Anne E said...

Hi Jenny,

I think Janette is right it's the chipboard letters.

Kind regards, Anne

Milly Moo Cards said...

These are lovely. I am going to say Chipboard - at least I hope so as I am dying to give it a try. Terri XX

Pat said...

I would guess chipboard too! You have inspired me to try some chipboard on a card.

karen n. said...

I guess chipboard letters as well! The colors you chose for the box were really bright and cheery. Loved it!