Monday, 13 October 2008

How you can join the Scallops.

You can use your Scallop Border Punch two ways. You can hold it like this, sort of upside down and squeeze it together to start the scallop borders. Great for quickness.
You just slide the punch over the part you just punched and start punching when you have lined up with a little gap showing, you can just see one in the photo on the right.
The other way, is to Lay the Punch on the table. You can either use the Silver scallop marking to line up the scallops to get a continued line or you can even up the scallops on either end of the piece of cardstock by the notches on the edge of the punch. So punch once.
Then to line up the scallops, you need to have the half punched scallop go back under and line up the first full scallop on top of the silver markings. There should be no silver showing, this lines up the scallops perfectly.
Then take the piece of cardstock out of the punch and slid it in the other side to line up the other side of scallops to continue along the length of cardstock.

You won't be disappointed with the Scallop Border punch, it is a brilliant punch.

If you haven't already ordered one, Email Me.

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Fiorella said...

wow!!! This tutorial is super!!! I can't wait to have my scallop punch in my hands!! Have a great day

Kate Lewis said...

Some great ideas here Jenny - can't wait for mine to arrive!! Kate x

Saxo Stamper said...

Hi Jenny, great blog today - you are so good at explaining things.

Karen x

Mary said...

This punch is one of my favorites too. Thank you for showing us different ways of using it. Your examples are super.
Mary xxx

nessy said...

oh thankyou jenny ~will write that down to get going when my punch arrives!!
ps ~realy enjoyed my time with you and your crafting friends last week, hope to see you soon

judith said...

Some great ways to use my new punch. Many thanks.
Do you have any secrets as to how to get good corners when using the punch to make squares IYKWIM. x