Tuesday, 25 March 2008

Easter in France......

We have just been to France for a quick Easter Break. Thought I would let you see one of the places we love to visit when we go to this part in France.

Its a Chateaux in Pierrefonds and they have been restoring it, they have done a fantastic job. Its like a small village inside the walls and is well worth a visit. The little village the Chateaux towers over has some lovely little shops and they normally have a market in the square.

We travelled back yesterday and came across snow and blizzards!!! It felt like January not March! Last year when we went it was warm and we had shorts on, not this year!! We had hats and gloves on!

I did take some craft stuff with me but didn't get it out. Hopefully I will get some done this week but you know what its like on School holidays.

Thanks for looking,


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Sonya said...

oooh wow that looks so neat! we got a bunch of snow here in the netherlands. I have never experienced snow in late March..where is spring?lol