Tuesday, 5 February 2008

More Cards from Craft Buddies.....

Sorry I haven't done any cards of my own today!!! Puppy training and cuddling!!

But just had to show you the rest of my beautiful birthday cards.

This beauty is from Janette, WoW! just look at the clever folds, You will show us this won't you, Janette.?

This one is from Yvonne, Thanks Yvonne you have sent me some wonderful cards - keep up the fantastic work:-)

This one is from Di. Another Dorset Stampers! You have done an amazing job Di. Thanks

I will go back into my craftroom tomorrow and see what I come up with,
Have a lovely Evening.


PS. Our puppy dog is called Sid!!!
Living in a house full of men this is quite tame. Its Sid off Ice Age Movie!

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