Friday, 25 January 2008

Stamping Up Open Night London....

I am so tired this morning after a full day up THE LONDON! as my family call it....

I dragged my two craft buddies up there with me, the poor souls - How do they put up with me? We had a lovely lunch in Victoria & Albert Museum. Its a grown up Museum and it was nice to take a slow pace around there for a bit, you never get to see the full Museum, theres so much in them. The lunch room is the most beautiful place with large Lighting Balls hanging from the ceiling. The room is sort of round and completely tiled in wonderful old tiles, with a huge fire place in the centre. We then moved onto the Natural History Museum which is more for very one really. The building itself is amazing alone.

We went on to the Hotel and it was quite a small affair really. We were all very retrained and no screaming was being done! We got to make 2 cards and watch Sheli demonstrate one of the stamp sets. Which I must add the flowers in that set, were a shock as when you stamp with them in just one ink colour when you stamp on the card it changes - Wow didn't know that.

We managed to get a taxi back to the train station and got a reasonable time train home. We had completely worn my best friend Sharon out and she slept most the way home.

I don't think I will have anytime to stamp over the weekend as when I got home my lovely hubbie and boys have arranged a full programme for my birthday this weekend - I will be 40!!!

They are so good to me and I am very lucky. Tonight I am going to the Theatre to watch a play and then tomorrow, we are booked into a hotel in Bath and they are taking me shopping!! They booked it all by themselves and even my sons kept it quiet for a surprise.

Anyway enough of me rambling on,

Thanks for looking,



Debbie said...

Glad you had a good time up The London, Jen!
Not quite sure what you meant by the flower stamp that changes, but it sounds intruiging!
Wishing you a very Happy 40th Birthday for the weekend and a lovely time with your family.
Just thought, my son number 2 is 21tomorrow - is that the same day as yours?

Dawn said...

Happy 40th birthday Jenny.
Glad you had a lovely time up in the big smoke.
Your birthday weekend sounds lovely.

Anne-Marie said...

Glad you enjoyed 'that there London' as we in the North call it.
Hope you have a fabulous weekend celebrating your BIG 40!

Cambria Turnbow said...

Happy birthday, my birthday twin!! Hope you have a wonderful weekend and that you celebrate YOU! Don't forget to eat extra chocolate! :)

Michelle said...

Happy 40th Jenny, have a FAB time...
take care.. and welcome to the 40's club now!lol

Mary said...

Well Jenny, we didn't have to be dragged too much to London with you. Besides going to the one Museum we also went to another - The Natural History Museum which I loved. We went to the hotel and everyone of the 'Stampin up' crowd was so friendly, even though they didn't know Sharon and myself, we missed you Janette. I even won a stamp set which was super. Have a great birthday on Sunday.
luv Mary xxx

Julie's Crafty Corner said...

Happy Birthday Jenny, hope you have a fab weekend!