Sunday, 27 January 2008

Some Cards I received for my Birthday....

I thought you would like to see some of my handmade birthday cards I have received for my birthday....

My batteries have ran out so I will put the rest on tomorrow.

This is the one from my DH - I joked with him that it was handmade!!!!! xxxxxx

These are the beautiful flowers from my 3 boys!

These are from the Dorset Stampers Ladies and Ken our only Man.

These are from Roseanne, Ken and Christine K

This beauty is from Val.

These are from Lesley, Jean & Yvonne.

Aren't they all very talented ladies, the detail on all of them is amazing and I am so very grateful to have received such wonderful cards from my lovely craft buddies.....

We had a great time in Bath, we saw a celebrity Justin Lee Collins from the Friday Night Project. That makes 3 celebrities in one week, including Shelli Gardener! I for the life of me can't think of the lady's name we saw on the train home and its really bugging me.

Thanks again,


Janette said...

Lovely flowers and cards for a lovely lady !!
I know mine was shop bought (HORROR) but but but there is a handmade one coming ready for Thursday with your gift from the addicted ladies LOL....I just wanted you to have one to open ON your birthday :)
Janette x

Courtney Fowler said...

You are such a blessed birthday girl! Happy birthday!

Tejal said...

Lovely cards! Wishing you a belated birthday wish!


CraftyJodi said...

hope you had a lovely bday. Your cards are beautiful!!!!

Anonymous said...

Hi there Jenny, Happy Birthday from me as well. Bit late, but haven't forgot it. Looks like I will hear from you again on the 1st. Feb. - Bit curious about were you got the info from, though!!!


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