Friday, 11 January 2008

Faux Stitching Video

Just thought I would show you how I do the faux stitching on my cards.

Let me know what you think? Should I give up the day job?

Thanks for looking,


Edited - to say the crafters tool kit is available in the UK stampin' up catalogue. Thanks


Janette said...

Woo hoo there you go...your 5 minutes of FAME live on the web !!

I loved the "prick, prick, prick"

Well done...look forward to seeing many more....
Janette x

Kylie said...

Hi Jenny, Great video! Thanks so much for the tip and for sharing!
Look forward to more!
Take care and keep smiling :-)

Anonymous said...

Jenny - thanks for sharing this. Sooooo easy as you said when you emailed me. Lets hope this set is available in the next catalogue. Good weekend and look forward to more videos and projects. Peta

Anne-Marie said...

Great clear, precise video for the eggheads like me.
Hope to see more videos soon, although I'd have to watch a hell of a lot to get me to your standards Jenny! Keep up the brilliant work on your blog.

Alex said...

Yay Jenny, way to go, that was excellent, good for you.

I am now going through the cattie at the moment, trying to decide what cardstock I need! lol and really debating on the grid paper as well, I will be in touch very soon, hugs

Alex xx

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the video Jenny, it was great!
Hugs from Yvonne X

SHAZGOO said...

Hi Jen

Great video. Looking foward to your next creations. Keep up the fab work. All this in just a couple of months!!!!!
Huge Hugs Sharon x x x

Joani said...

Love your tutorial! Thanks so much for sharing!!

just makin a card said...

Awww it's nice to be able to put a name to a face (as on your blog photo) then even better when you can put a voice to it all, you can never imagine what someone is like can you. Well done you, the vid is ace, it's short, to the point with all relevant info.

Mo xx

Cambria Turnbow said...

OMG..... I love HEARING YOU!! You have the cutest accent EVAH! LOVE your video... you rock Miss Jenny!