Friday, 7 December 2007

Stamp a ma Jig Tutorial.....

This is the Stamp a ma jig..... Its a tool you use to position your stamp in the correct place. Works brilliantly by lining up your stamps perfectly and especially with the 2 step stamping technique. You will save loads of cardstock by not making so many errors when images or words are not quite in the place you thought they were going to be.

Alphabets can be used with ease with this tool. The tool allows you to line up the letters.

Unless when you are tired and then my eyes see wonky anyway!!

You get a black handle and a sheet of plastic. One side of the plastic is glossy and one side is matt. Doesn't matter what side you use.

The handle can be used for either left handed or right handed people. You line up the black handle with the corner of the plastic sheet and stamp your image onto the plastic sheet.

As you can see with the car stamp, this is on the plastic sheet.

See the image on the plastic sheet.

Just an example with a large stamp, I didn't need the car to be in any position so for the box I stamped the car straight onto the cardstock, But I could off painted a road or hill for example and then I would want to use the stamp a ma jig to position the car in the correct place without guessing and making a complete mess up!

(Gosh what a long sentence!)
You get the jist though right!!!:-)

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