Thursday, 13 December 2007

Re-arranged Craft Room!

All the drawers still need to be sorted out but this is what is looks like now!

This is my hubbie desk!!!!

Not impressed.



Mocky said...

Oh Jenny, I would give my right arm for a fraction of the space you have. Your room looks wonderful. If you ever need a playmate to come and play with you, I'll come! ;-)

Michelle said...

OMG!!!! and i thought i had a lot of stuff! lol will have to show my husband tonight as he wont believe it when i tell him, it looks all fab and tidy now though! i love all your punches too,excellent way of storing them!

Joani said...

Doesn't it feel good to put everything in a place. Then, it only takes a moment to mess it up.

Enjoy your space, it looks fab!!!

Sonya said...

WOW! can I come over and play at your house? lol all those lovely punches and stmaps. It looks great!

Morwenna said...

Ooh Jenny, can I come to your house to play?

Anonymous said...

Hi jen
I cast the rug aside now!
My o my haven't you been busy, youv'e got heaps of stuff, i thought I had lots, it soon mounts up doesn't it. Your room looks a greay hidey hole, just what every girl needs lol. xxMoxx

Shannon McGann said...

OMGoodness, you have a lot of stuff! What a great craft area! I'm jealous!

Helen said...

Wow! I'm green with envy!

Andrea said...

Hi Jen, I thought I had a lot of stuff but you have lots more. Plus you have a room to play in and I haven't so I'm very envious. What a great idea you have for storing your punches, if I ever get my own space that is the first thing i'd do. Andrea

nitestamper said...

looks lovely Jenny so organised,
mine looked quite neat until,
husband banned plastic boxes!

est26 said...

OMG that is such a tidy you have fairies that come and do that for you!!! Did I mention that I was a fairy and will fly into your craft room and sort it out for you!!!

Christa said...

What kind of bars are your punches hanging on? Towel racks? I'm looking for a way to get mine vertical. Thanks!