Wednesday, 12 December 2007

Making a Mess.....

I woke up this morning with a brilliant idea of how to tidy my room!!!

Boy! was I wrong, Mad.......... I had all the desks out in the garden again and all the drawers, and as usual nothing fitted where I wanted them to fit. I nearly took everything up the tip!!

I couldn't believe I was re-arranging my room again!

Finally finished at 3o'clock,

I now have a L-shaped desk and everything up on the walls.

How did I do that you ask..........I pinched my Darling Hubbie's large desk and gave him my little one! How mean is that! I've had my eye on that desk for months. It used to be mine but he uses large drawings for his work, But he says its too cold out there......

So I thought want not want.......his large desk....Hee Hee

I will photo my room tomorrow when its light.



Janette said...

WOMAN.......what are you like....its not like you have anything else to do is it LOL....
Look forward to hearing all about it tomorrow and seeing the pictures.
Might give me some ideas LOL.....
Janette x

Morwenna said...

Ha! Ha!
I did the same with my son's L shaped desk. I nicked it and gave him my small desk! (Which he's actually pleased with, I hasten to add)