Sunday, 16 September 2007

Weekend in LONDON....

We have just come back from London, a treat for us to celebrate being Married on Monday for 19 years!!!

The Thames Festival was on as well and our favourite Borough Market near London Bridge. The Festival runs from the London Eye all alongside the south bank to Tower Bridge, well worth a visit if you haven't been there, its on every September. We walked from the Tower Bridge to the London Eye and then caught a boat trip on the Thames back, its a fair old walk.

Along the way we took a tour at the Shakespeare Globe Theatre, which was so amazing. Made of Green Oak wood and has the only thatched roof in London, as these were banned after the Great Fire of London. The first picture is off the stage, behind the stage in the top baloncies are where the Lords used to sit, and the ground below it takes up to 600 people standing!!! Wouldn't want to be one of those.... especially in shakespeare time as the people apparently didn't wash too much and because of the crowds and lack of space if you needed the toilet, they would do it there and then!!! Lovely.
The second photo is taken from the stalls and the wood was fantastic. Another 1000 people can watch the play seated.

The third photo is a closer view off the stage and the marble pillars are not marble at all but two large oak trees!!! painted to look like marble, everything is wood.

We popped into the science museum today and we watched a 3D film on their IMAX screen. These are my 3 boys with their funny glasses:-)

Hope you have a good weekend.
Jenny:-) xx


Diane (djluvs2stamp on SCS) said...

London, I wish I can go there some day! You've been married 19 years on the 10th? My husband & I have been married 19 years on the 10th of September! Love your blog, found it though Beate.

Mary said...

Many congratulations today to you both on your 19th Anniversary. May you have many more to come. You'll have to wait a while before catching up to me though. Have a good day. Luv Mary xx

beate said...

Happy Anniversary!
Looks and sounds like it was a wonderful time!